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Important Message


To everyone who has been following this page,

This message intends to inform you that my blog will be experiencing a property shift, from WordPress to Medium.

This is a highly contemplated move, considering the rapidly evolving nature of the blogging world, and my personal goals and aims with this little blog of mine.

You may have noticed an irregularity in entries from me. The reason behind this, apart from laziness, is that I have been working towards adding some new and innovative segments to the blog, for which I deem the property shift as necessary, since navigating multiple series and albums (once I formally announce the segments) will be relatively simpler for you readers to navigate.

As for this domain, the blogs and entries uploaded here, will continue to remain here, but all further creative activity by me will be published and marketed on Medium.

This is one of the two closing announcements made here, on this domain.

In a few days, I will update this blog with links to the new domain, which will be run under a fresh title- Me(h)tafiction.

More details to follow.

Thank you for your love on WordPress. See you all on Medium with recuperated and matured opinions and creativity and also superior quality.

Yours Truly,

The Bubblewrap Guy (Now Me(h)taficiton),

Saumya Mehta!

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Solace, Sanity, Soul.  

Once in a while, I dream of waking up in the middle of the night, dumbfounded, lost, thoughtless and blank. I dream of waking up this way, and find myself stare into absolutely nothing, for minutes until my sleep cells regenerate themselves. 

All I do, is gaze at the foggy sky, trying to string together the lyrics of a song that the atmosphere reminds me of, just barely. 

How wonderful would it be, if for a few minutes once in a while, you get to regenerate yourself, free yourself from all the depths your mind had reached to leap into thoughts that surpass mentally permissible limits. Wouldn’t it restore balance of sanity and insanity in your brain, all over again, so that you could continue the enervating cycle? I wish it were true. 

We all need this little stress buster. There are other ways, like a trip, or a vacation, but how wonderful would it be to restore it in, um, dark, blank solitude? If this were real, we’d all know how to express the fascinating creativity our brain enunciates, in our own little space of solace and balance.

*I write this at 3 AM in the morning, in, um, dark, blank solitude.


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Comedy From A Teenagers Perspective- Sapan Verma’s Obsessive Comedic Disorder. 

Picture courtesy- Hindustan Times.

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! It’s been a long time since I posted something here. I could say I was busy studying, or tensed about exams, or blablabla, but to be honest- I was not. I was just too lazy. I spent these two odd months sitting in my bed watching standup comedy, and didn’t write even a single word worth of a blog. So when I decided I wanted to write my next blog, I had nothing in mind. Nothing at all, so I looked back at these last few months, and realised that I’ve just been following standup to the T, and it’s become a source of news for me, a source of entertainment for me and also a source of knowledge for me.

So in a post relating to Indian standup, I reviewed Sapan Verma’s Amazon Prime Video standup special. Here it is-
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How Stand Up Comedy Has Shaped My Teenage

This is a personal essay that I recently wrote for ‘Was That Funny?’, a digital publication devoted to Indian stand up comedy. This article was edited for publishing by the founder of Was That Funny?, Devang Pathak. 

Parents constantly nag their kids to read the news and gain more perspective on the world. It’s no surprise when the child nods his head but silently resists the task assigned. Some try to inject more enthusiasm for learning by signing them up for youth conferences, educational clubs and societies, much to the kid’s displeasure. I was one such kid. I would run away from the television room every time dad would tune into Aaj Tak or Times Now, and not return until he switched back to the highlights of a random decades-old cricket match. The result was that the only thing I knew outside of science and commerce was the list of records broken by Sachin Tendulkar.I was never motivated to learn about the world. This distaste towards news continued even after I began participating in seminars, workshops, and professionally run debate clubs. I then discovered stand-up comedy.
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Depression and Anxiety- As I See It!

Hello! Before I begin this months blog, I’d like to thank every single one of the thousands of people who read the previous blog, titled “I Will Return To India, Will You?”. Thank you for the amazing response and all the great comments. Also, if you read the blog, don’t forget to check out the links I’ve mentioned below!

So I’ll jump right into it- This month, I want to talk about something that I have been thinking, researching and trying to learn about since a long time- anxiety, depression, or as we popularly like to call it-‘huh? what nonsense?’.

Last week, 24 year old Arjun Bhardwaj committed suicide by jumping off the 19th floor of Mumbai’s Taj Lands End, owing to sustained depression and anxiety through addiction to drugs, failure to launch a startup and in examinations (this is what reports say). This incident gave rise to a number of debates, arguments and questions regarding depression and anxiety, my favourite (sarcasm) ones being- “Depression is toh just a bad day or two! Why stretch it so much?” and “Everybody has bad and sad days, even I have had!”. Trust me, anxiety, depression and discomfort are much more than just “everybody’s one or two bad days”.
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I Will Return To India! Will You?

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted on this blog. I recently revamped the entire blog, and deleted all the old posts. It was a tough decision because they had a lot of views, but they had been written a long time back. Below is the first blog I have written in almost 6 months! Please read it and let me know what you feel. I am available acros all social media. Here’s the blog: 

I Will Return To India! Will You?

Winters in India are not as cold for a normal citizen of the country as they are for students. The period between November and January, which is known as the winter season, is nothing but a numbing period for us students, to buckle up for the longest and most regular season of the year, the “Exam” season.

The monsoon season, which usually ranges from June to September, gets people hooked onto their predicting senses every year. The Exam season, however, is almost always regular, ranging from early February to as long as early June, depending on whether your question papers get delivered to your school in fuel-inefficient tempos, or fly in from the United Kingdom, and then get delivered to your school in fuel-inefficient tempos. Let’s not jump into marks, since it’s not important for the post. Continue Reading!